WICCSTAR Double Chakra Bracelet with Jewellery Pouch & Meaning Card. Healing Reiki Yoga Gifts

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Chakra Bracelet made of:

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Chakra Bracelet made of:

1. Onyx Stone (Root Chakra) – represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded.
2. Tiger Eye Stone (Sacral Chakra) – represents our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences.
3. Yellow Persian Jade Stone (Solar Plexus Chakra) – represents our ability to be confident and in keep an eye on of our lives.
4. Green Imperial Jespers Stone (Heart Chakra) – represents our ability to love.
5. Blue Turquoise Stone (Throat Chakra) – represents our ability to communicate.
6. Lapis Lazuli Stone (Third Eye Chakra) – represents our ability to focus and see the big picture.
7. Amethyst Stone (Crown Chakra) – represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.
Bracelet contains 1 Tibetan buddhist six words mantras bead.
The unwaxed Lava Beads allow you diffuse your favorite essential oils!

What for is Chakra bracelet?

Chakra bracelets are accessories that are said to have healing powers and they have been worn in India for centuries.

So, how do anxiety bracelet work?

You only wish to wear one crystal bracelets for healing to start! Anyone can use Chakra bracelets regardless of age or gender, which makes them a very accessible medium for mental calmness and peace. The bracelets work by balancing the seven energies which are collectively known as chakras.
Balanced chakras are like balanced breakfasts – they’re essential for living life as healthily and happily as imaginable. But even so wearing chakra bracelets for healing purposes, some people wear them purely for aesthetic reasons, which makes sense because they will match just about any outfit.
🔹 Chakra bracelets are accessories that are said to have healing powers and they have been worn in India for centuries. healing bracelet can help for Your vitality.
🔹 Seven Chakra Bracelet Colors beads represent 7 spiritual power in the human body, including Onyx, Tiger Eye, Persian Jade, Jesper, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst stones.
🔹 Anxiety bracelet beads 6’5″ length. Stone 8 mm in diameter. Tibetan the six true words bead included: is the most common mantra in Tibet, recited by Buddhists. According to Tibetan culture, it is said that all of the teachings of Buddha are contained in this mantra. Tibetan people, who are almost all Buddhists, consider that it is very good to practice the mantra which may relieve negative karma, accumulate merit, help rescue them from the sea of suffering and achieve Buddhahood.
🔹 Anxiety crystal bracelet comes in Jewellery Pouch. Along side Chakras meaning card. This will help You to learn more about chakra healing.
🔹 Can be utilized as Aromatherapy Bracelet. Use you favorite essential oils set. After Lava beads absorbs aromatherapy oils you ready to enjoy your personal diffuser bracelet.