Rosian & Levine Copper Bracelet with Extra Strong Magnets for Arthritis Pain Relief Prime Magnet Therapy and Pain Relief Bracelets Negative Ions Increased Energy

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Rosian & Levine Copper Bracelets For Arthritis:

Improve your health and alleviate symptoms with our stylish and functional copper bracelets for arthritis. Crafted from pure copper and featuring magnets which produce negative ions to cancel out positive ions surrounding the body, promoting balance and restoring health. An imbalance in the body’s field, wherein positive ions are abundant, may lead to quite a lot of pains and diseases. Magnetic therapy is a good option to the body because it helps with sleep, sinuses, hay fever, asthma, the immune system relaxation, stability, energy levels, menopause beef up and concentration.

Pure Copper

The use of copper cuff bracelets has been traced back to around 800 BC and they are still popular today as a result of their many medicinal properties. Copper has been found to promote healing benefits in the wearer such as relieving aches and pains, like arthritis. Additionally it is a good option for other health conditions such as menopause, migraine, carpal tunnel, and fatigue.

Stylish And Functional

Combined with the therapeutic effects of copper and strong magnets, this magnet therapy bracelet serves two purposes; a natural health aid and a stylish accessory. A great gift for both women and men, this comes in one size fits all and a unisex design.

Key Features:

Premium Copper Bracelet for Arthritis

Crafted out of pure copper

Stylish design

Unisex and one size fits all

Suitable gift for anyone

Comes with a luxurious white and gold drawstring pouch

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✅ IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH – Achieve inner balance and health with our copper bracelets for arthritis. Daily wear promotes better sleep, migraine relief, sinus relief, asthma relief, help with the immune system and improves your energy levels and concentration.
✅ NATURAL REMEDY – Try a more natural way to alleviate your ailments with our copper magnetic bracelets for women and men. Many users reported that it has helped with their arthritis, migraine and fatigue. Crafted from pure and combined with extra powerful magnets, this copper healing bracelet helps open the float of blocked energy.
✅ MINIMALIST DESIGN – Suitable for both women and men, this magnetic therapy bracelet exudes a classic, clean and minimalist design. Excluding its healing benefits, this negative ion bracelet can also be adorned as a compliment to any outfit or style.
✅ GREAT GIFT IDEA – Share the healing benefits of Rosian and Levine magnetic copper wrist bracelets to help aid with arthritis, migraine, carpal tunnel, menopause beef up and hot flushes in your loved ones. Each magnetic copper bracelets for arthritis comes packed in a luxurious white and gold drawstring pouch and is 100% gift ready.
✅ QUALITY PROMISE – We have great confidence in the craftsmanship and quality of our magnet therapy bracelet, which is why it comes backed by our quality promise. We have dedicated beef up and respond to all queries in less than 24 hours.