Handbag Shopping 101

Handbag Shopping 101 

The perfect outfit is incomplete without the proper accessories. Amongst all of these accessories, the most important is the handbag. The handbag isn’t just necessary for carrying items around, it pulls an outfit together and also depicts the mood of the individual carrying it.

A perfect handbag can take your look from drab and tired to, a Beverly Hills babe in a second.

With so many designer collections of handbags online like Michael Kors, Kate Spade New York and Vera Badly,  this article is aimed at providing you with the necessary tips that would help you purchase your very first designer handbag.

Know Your Budget

It’s sad how beautiful things cost a fortune. There are so many varieties of handbags on sale, knowing your budget can help you categorize and ultimately help you pick out the perfect handbag.

Not everyone can be able to afford 6k Chanel bags or 12k Birkins, there are however really good designer handbags online that could go for as low as $800. An example is the Gucci Soho Disco that is within the range of $960 and, the Louis Vuitton Speedy’s Pre-loved that goes for $800.

Select A Brand

With so many designer handbags online, picking a brand is the best option especially if you’re working with a budget. This would help you focus on a particular set that would be appropriate based on your budget.

For instance, if your budget is just over $1,000 don’t expect to walk into a Hermes and walk out feeling satisfied. Instead pick out a brand that is within your budget and, make the best choice.

Think About Sizes

The type of handbag you decide to buy eventually, should be largely dependent on the items it would be used in carrying. This is necessary for deciding what size of handbag you would like to purchase. There are several sizes of handbags online ranging from, the Balley Sommet tote which are relatively bigger compared to other brands particularly known for making classic clutch purses like, the Tom Ford Studded Leather Clutch or the Peach Calfskin baguette with rhinestones, Fendi.

Think About Colours

If you’re getting a brand new handbag, you should definitely make a decision based on the colour of the clothes in your closet. With a wide variety of handbags on sale, this shouldn’t be a problem. There are so many brands of handbags that incorporate beautiful colours that are not the conventional black, blue and brown, in their products. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and Tom Ford make the best handbags in beautiful colours.

With these tips, you are definitely prepared to purchase you first designer handbag. Enjoy shopping!!!.

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