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Handbag Shopping 101

The perfect outfit is incomplete without the proper accessories. Amongst all of these accessories, the most important is the handbag. The handbag isn’t just necessary for carrying items around, it pulls an outfit together and also depicts the mood of the individual carrying it. A perfect handbag can take your look from drab and tired […]

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Our handbag suggestions for January 2018

Choosing the right handbag to complement your outfit is a personal thing. It can say so much about you. Does it have plenty of bling? Is it practical or chic? Whatever you choose to complement your outfit will either make or break your statement. With that in mind, here are some suggestions that we would […]

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Welcome to our new handbags online store for 2018

Hi, and thank you for stopping by our new Handbags and Bling store. Find your perfect handbag online This is something I have been looking to put together for some time. Amazon has some fantastic offers on Handbags and Bling, but it’s difficult sometimes to choose. There are just so many pages you have to […]

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